Responses to the Question: What surprised you the most about your role in our final project?

--I was surprised of how much people liked my piece, because it connected to a lot of people who love a certain kind of art.  I never expected a lot of adults to come to me [to talk] about my writing piece.  it was also unexpected when after [our] performance the audience applauded.  I was very proud of myself for how well we did.  I never expected our speech to be this amazing.  The feedback I received by the adults really boosted my confidence in my public speaking.  I'll take that feedback to help achieve speaking better to an audience in school.

--What surprised me the most about my role last night is that I was a leader when it came time for us to get up...I also feel like I had a big role in my reading because I was directing [...] and we fed off each other nicely.

--In the final performance I was surprised that I messed up with the dance, but I guess people didn't see my mistake and I finished the dance.  After the dance, people said I did a good job and I was great.  When I first messed up I felt like everybody was looking at me but then I realized that they were enjoying it.

--What surprised me the most was that I was chosen to speak in the performance when it's not one of my favorite things to do.  I didn't think I was a public speaker or a writer but doing that for the performance showed that I was.

--What surprised me most about the performance is the fact that the audience liked my dancing.  When I stepped out krumping I thought the older generation would not consider such a radical dance.  However at the end of the day everyone, even the seniors, accepted, respected, and were perceiving my form of dance as an art.  They asked me questions like when did I start, who taught me, and how do I move the way I do?

--I was away for 2 weeks and was proud of the work everyone had done working as a whole.  Everyone had a strong performance...We were emotionally moving...To me the most impressive part was our focus and our emotion.  I was impressed and it made me feel connected to all the speakers.

--The surprising part about the performance is the compliments that I got for the poem that I wrote.  Strangers and random people were coming up to me saying how amazing my poem was.  Some people even cried when my poem was being read.  Their feedback made me realize that I have potential to be a writer.  Since middle school my reading teachers have been telling me that I should be an author.  I think this opened my eyes to pursue that dream.

--...We knew what we had to do--we had to perform with our spirits high and our attention was the audiences attention.

--What surprised me most about my final project was that it had a great impact on me.  I worked really hard on it and when I was finished it made me feel proud that I accomplished something so great.  I felt empowered like what I had to say and do and perform was worth it because at the ending result it was amazing and to me it was important.  I was also surprised at how my presence really impacted the performance and my act as part of a group of a group in the performance.

--The day of the performance I was very relaxed and laid back.  5 minutes before the show I became very nervous...Once someone mentioned the word courage I instantly focused on what I had to tell the City of Cambridge.  I went on stage with more courage than I ever had before and blew the audience away with my poem...  After the show I received many compliments on my hard work.  I was very surprised by this because I didn't expect to present such great work.