What we learned

Responses to the journal prompt:  In what ways have you changed as a part of this program?  What will you carry with you into the future?  What specific skills have you leared about having a job?  Or about being an artist?

--As an artist I learned to feel what's within me and be at peace with myself--to focus on myself instead of fidgeting around and just think about what's going on with my self.  I believe that would help me throughout my experience with working around big distractions because I wouldn't be distracted and carried away from my work.  I will also experience other strategies that will help me notice my surroundings without having to stop and retake the steps to focus again.  At this job I learned how to work in unison with others--As though we all became one and back into our individual selves.

--Being in the My City, My Voice program has changed me into a more internal person.  As in, I know I can look deeper within myself and texts for the kind of insight I want to give.  For example, when I was creating my story, I kept thinking deeply of what emotions and lessons were brought out.   

I will carry the skill of public speaking into the future, because speaking clearly and confidently in front of people is a life skill that will help others understand me.  The skills I learned in being an artist are to take risks, push myself to think more deeply, and to express myself in different ways...Pushing myself to think more deeply will help me make my art have more feelings and perspective.  If I keep looking within my emotions and what experience surrounds me will help make my art more powerful.  As an artist, expressing myself in different ways helps me be creative and show my other artistic skills I normally don't do.  For all this I can thank the My City, My Voice program.

--I think I changed in a few different ways. I came out of the habit of having people come up to me when we don't know each other or pretending to be a different person to have a good impression. I learned that there are different ways to talk to your boss and to your friends. I realized that I'm a writer and have a powerful voice. I now know that you can make a connection with anyone even if you don't know who they are. I'm going to use these skills in school because it will help me in the future and will help me be closer to people I don't know. When I came to My City, My Voice I didn't know there were so many types of art. I used to think that only painting and drawing were art. I think this experience will not only be a memory but make me a better person as a dancer and writer.

--I came out of this program a stronger writer and public speaker.

--I changed a lot being part of the "My City, My voice" program.  I have grown as a learner, I was taught by the staff how to bring out the skills within me.  I have always known I was a decent writer by the compliments I've received in the past, but this program really helped me perfect my craft.  I will carry on my experience to where ever life may bring me.  I will use all the skills that I've gained to hopefully help someone else.  I've learned that having a job entitles you to have some basic responsibilities and other people may go further into incorporating your job to your own lifestyle.  Taking on responsibilities to be [somewhere] at a certain time is a responsibility that you have both at your job and at home.

--...I came into this program with a "This is a time filler, I'm getting hours" attitude.  The way I think and approach thigs has changed being here.  My first week I was worried this program would be like school and that people would think of this as teen art or just another way to get paid.  I underestimated our staff and their ideals.  It turned out I was the one who needed the reality check.  In this program we created real art; something that has substance and where the artists willfully created it. 

I have learned from everyone that I can take something out of everything I do if I have the right attitude.  I can bring everything I've learned about having a positive attitude and not judging people into the future.  I've learned how to make connections on a job site, how to work with others collectively and how to take responsibility for myself.  Even if you don't think art is for you, learning how to be creative and open is something everyone should know.

--The ways I have changed through this program, as a dancer, is by being aware of my movement and slowing things down.  I learned different ways to pose and come in and out of movement.  As a writer I learned repetition is powerful, along with the fashion a phrase is repeated.  As a visual artist I learned how lighting can change a perspective.  My City, My Voice helped me grow as an artist.

--I discovered new things about myself, like I want to start dancing and start drawing more pictures.  The thing I'll carry on in the future could be carried on into the school year, like showing up to school on time.  Another thing I'll carry on is responsibility.

--This summer I have changed a lot because of My City, My Voice.  I learned how to make friends easier, and not sit around wondering what their name is: go right up to them and say "hey, I'm ____, what's your name?"  I learned that what I make and create is art and now I feel more comfortable making art and expressing myself with visual art.  And just how to break out of my shell, show who I am, and have fun.

Public Speaking?!?!  I will always carry that around with me because it's so important.  And communication skills: how to show respect through your body language and through tone of voice.  From having this job I learned how to be accountable, which means coming in on time and calling if you're going to be late or miss work...How to communicate consistently and concisely.  And Code Switching: knowing how and when to switch from "what's poppin'" to "hello, I'm ______" to "Hi, my name is ____, nice to meet you."