Vastille Jean-Laurent, by Rudjy

-Every night I cried, reminiscing staring through your eyes. I left for Haiti for the first time in four years. When I saw her face my heart dropped. I was shocked. Her face resembled a queen in misery, different emotions started running through me. Tormented by the sight that I saw, it stayed with me through my sleep and my dreams, but it was really reality. She was excited to see me but I could see the absentee in her eyes. My black queen with a beautiful complexion. She seemed so distant explaining how much she missed me, and I’m thinking the same, but the words stay internal and won’t go outward. I found it difficult to express what’s within, so stressed seeing her in this mess. Then I ingest that we lived in two different places with different races. She’s bright outward and inward. I love you mom.