Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Directors Group

Being in the directors group made me feel like I really had a huge role in the event because as a member of the directors group, I am one of the people responsible for forming a story and making a performance arc. The performance arc is very important because it is a range of moods and tones that we want our audience to feel as we perform our pieces. I feel involved because I’m a person who helps decide on important details and decision-making. It was exciting to form the plan and to make it happen. It was a lot of work and just doing it took a lot of deep thinking and reflection, for example at the very beginning, we weren’t sure on how we wanted to make the audience feel, but eventually we figured it out we wanted them to start in a neutral place. At times it was difficult and frustrating because we wanted the best, we wanted everything to be perfect and at times we would get stuck especially when there was something that did not quite fit. The experience overall was a challenging. Everything that we were doing was so complex and it was great having the responsibility to plot everything. The performance is definitely pulling together.

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