Monday, July 26, 2010

Dancing with Moise

When I found out I was going to work with Moise for the performance, I first thought it was going to be hard because Moise is a dancer and he’s on a different level than me on dancing. The kind of dance Moise does is called krump. It’s about praise, I’ve never seen a krumper do offensive things. Krump is a freestyle dance, with chest pops, stomping, and arm swings. We brought in arm swings and stomps into our performance, but only parts of our dance are krumping. We hop, spin on our arms,and move on the ground a little bit too. When we first started dancing together it was actually easy because he realized that I didn’t dance and we did steps I could do. Then we started adding things that were kind of challenging but I still did them. I learned new ways my body can stretch in ways I thought would be impossible. When I was in the 6th grade I went to this camp and we had to perform at a show. We had to make up a dance, but that one was simpler to remember because that dance was just simple movements. I like this one better because the movements aren’t as simple and I learned more, from a real dancer. This dance piece is for a final performance for the MY CITY MY VOICE project I’m doing over the summer. It’s all about showing my art. If I had some free time I’d love to keep learning dance. But at least I have a few new moves! 

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