Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dramatic Photo Shoot

Yesterday we started our “Big Photo”. This is when a body size picture, of us being our word, is taken. Then it is edited so that we can transfer it to a 4x8 sheet of plywood. Then the danger starts; we burn the images with torches into the wood. We took these pictures in a dark room where we had medium sized handheld lights. The lighting showed different moods based on where the light was placed. Maybe we were in deep thought, serious, wondering or curious. But we were supposed to use the light, shadow and our poses to show our word.

When I took my photos, at first I didn’t know what to do to show me being my word. I felt like I needed to sit on the floor because I knew that most of the time I’m sitting or laying on the floor and I felt like that’s how people know me.

What I got out of this exercise was how people saw me as danger. Because when I was getting my pictures taken I got side comments like “That shows danger.” I think my photos are going to stick out because I was the only person who sat on the floor which means my pose is going to come out smaller than most people and I’m known to be the smallest. The final pose that I chose the one light was shining from the front and side and cast my face and body in a shadow.

What the group got out of this was how to show their word in their body shape and lighting. When we were testing the lights we noticed that based on where you set the light would show a different emotion on that person. I’m looking forward to burning our figure into wood.

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