Thursday, July 29, 2010

Performance Arc

Today, my group had to work on creating a Performance Arc for our final performance. My group was made up of Phoebe, Jennifer, Wahed, and Kaychette. Our group was the “Directors” group. Today, we spent a long time trying to create different Performance Arcs for our performance. A Performance Arc is necessary for a performance because it helps the performers and the directors know what story they are following and what emotion goes with that story. It also helps them figure out what pieces are going into the performance and which are not; also where are those pieces going to be and at what time are they going to take place. What we did was take everything that we are going to incorporate into our performance and we created a story with our material. We took all of the poems and written pieces, and we took all of the dance and movement pieces and put them into a map or a story line of some sorts. It was stressful trying to come up with various different ways that we can portray the same story. It was difficult because everyone had their own idea and wanted to create their own map. But then, there were some people that did not agree with that idea. We all said what we wanted to say and we all took into consideration all the comments and feedback that they got. At the end, we managed to work with each other and we came up with way more than five Performance Arcs that could work. I feel like we accomplished all that we needed to in order to get our work done.


  1. Can't wait for the final performance! Good luck, guys!

  2. Yari, I am so happy with all that you do in your life!! You enjoy life and use your talents from God so creatively!! What an amazing example you are to the people around you.
    Much love,
    Karen Bingham