Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Interview with Officer Chu

Today I was given the chance to interview Officer Chu of the Cambridge Police department. In My City, My Voice we all are going to interview an older member from our community and ask them about their experiences. During my interview we talked about where he grew up, how he stays involved in the community, and what he likes about working in Cambridge.

Officer Chu grew up in Boston, and still lives there, but he chooses to work here in Cambridge. During his time with the Boston police, his role was different; it wasn’t to be an active member of the community, just to stop crimes from happening. Here in Cambridge, his job is more than enforcement. It’s his job to be a member of the community and build relationships with kids. For example, here he was at our youth center talking with me and paying attention. He likes to be able to go to all the youth centers here in town and interact more closely with kids.

The interview was a great experience for me. I gained a new perspective from my interview with Officer Chu. I knew that police officers in Cambridge were involved, but I didn’t know that some of them had different roles, or that Boston and Cambridge were so different from a police officer’s perspective. I will take some skills away from that interview, such as how to ask effective questions and follow up questions. I also found it really cool just talking to a police officer casually because I got to know how he feels. He shared that as a kid, he wasn’t that athletic, but played baseball, volleyball, and some basketball. I learned that he’s trying to make kids believe in the cops again and that he’s not their enemy but their friend. I think that kids and cops can be friends and should be friends, because I think a lot of kids think the cops are out to get them when they’re not. 

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