Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Full Sized Portrait Burn

There were a lot of frustrations burning my life-sized self-portrait into a large scale board rather than a small board. Carving a picture of me into a small board was easier because I had less space to cover with the burning tool and also because my arms didn’t get as tired as they would using the burning tool. The burning tool is small, like a pen; using it on a large board I felt a lack of motivation in the sense that I was spending a large amount of time on one small part of my portrait and when I stepped back I saw that I still had a large amount to go. My thought process started to shift - thinking I’m never going to get it done. Next time I burn I will be using a blow torch which should cover larger amounts of space. I’m looking forward to this because I will be seeing more progress on my piece and my arms won’t get as tired. I hope that the big torch makes strong marks that show and that I complete my piece sooner instead of later.

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